Dragon King Fish Shooting Game Get Huge Bonuses At Hawkplay

Dragon king fish shooting game is an online game with huge rewards that is popular with many people today. With a realistic 3D visual interface down to every small detail and a surreal sound system, it has attracted thousands of visits every day. What is it about this type of marine creature hunting that attracts fishermen so much? Let’s find out detailed information about the fish shooting game with Hawkplay through the article below!

Learn an overview of the dragon king fish shooting game

Dragon King is an online fish shooting game released from the Hawkplay game portal. Since its launch, this game has received enthusiastic reception in the Vietnamese betting market. This is considered one of the highly entertaining fish shooting genres and earns a lot of prize money.

Besides, the dragon king fish shooting game also has interesting rules of play, so it is loved by many fishermen of all ages, both young and old.

To participate in hunting marine creatures, players need to deposit money into their account to buy weapons. Then, use the weapon you own to hunt prey, earning bonus points. Finally, players can use their reward points to convert them into cash or buy additional gaming items.

Learn an overview of the dragon king fish shooting game
Learn an overview of the dragon king fish shooting game

Discover the outstanding advantages of the dragon king fish shooting game

It is known that this game is always invested in and updated by the publisher with many superior features. To bring the Vietnamese fishing community the most interesting experiences when hunting fish under the ocean. In addition, to limit players from being too bored with the game, Hawkplay has upgraded many outstanding advantages such as:

Easily play games on many devices

Dragon king fish shooting game is regularly upgraded so that the information technology system is always the most modern. Therefore, players can use any electronic device to play games, as long as they can connect to the internet. Typically smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.

Besides, when playing fish shooting at Hawkplay , you will also experience super smooth transmission speed. With simple connection features and extremely fast loading, fishermen can freely hunt marine creatures under the mysterious ocean without encountering any obstacles.

Extremely high conversion rate of bonus points into cash

Up to now, we can confirm that the dragon king fish shooting game has the highest conversion rate of reward points into cash today. Members only need to accumulate enough bonus points while hunting to be able to convert them into large amounts of cash.

Not only that, the bonus withdrawal transaction process is also very quick and safe. Because Hawkplay has invested in the most advanced technology. From there, it helps players easily shoot big fish – win high prizes and gain more profits.

Discover the outstanding advantages of the dragon king fish shooting game
Discover the outstanding advantages of the dragon king fish shooting game

Instructions on how to play dragon king fish shooting to win big prizes

This game is actually very easy to play, you just need to master a few basic knowledge to be able to shoot freely and win big. Specifically, that information is as follows:

How to play the dragon king fish shooting game

The game has relatively simple gameplay, fishermen just need to hold down the gun to shoot fish. However, it should be noted that small guns can only shoot small fish, while guns with higher levels can only shoot large fish. Therefore, have your own strategy to hunt marine creatures more effectively.

Besides, the game also has the appearance of some special characters. Typically, fairies, dragon kings, sun wukong, sea dragons, etc. When you hit these characters, congratulations, you will receive huge bonus points. However, the number of appearances is relatively small, so players need to take advantage of the opportunity in the most optimal way.

Basic way to play the dragon king fish shooting game
Basic way to play the dragon king fish shooting game

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Some important weapons

  • Dragon Bazooka: This is a weapon with a basic coefficient of 10X. When using them, you will receive 30 free bullets and the bullet coefficient is 1 – 6X.
  • Dragon Bazooka II: The basic coefficients of this type are similar to Dragon Bazooka. However, players will receive an additional 20 free bullets. This means you will own a total of 30 free bullets with a maximum coefficient of 9X/bullet.
  • Dragon Bazooka III: The basic coefficient of this gun is still 10X but there are up to 135 free bullets, each bullet’s coefficient is 12X.

Bonus points exchange table for creatures

  • Small bonus fish: 2 to 10 points.
  • Average fish: 30 to 60 points.
  • Big fish: 100 points.
  • Mermaid: 150 points.
  • Sun Wukong: 200 points.
  • Golden Dragon: 300 points.
  • Yellow crab: 400 points.
  • Dragon King: 500 points.

It is known that the dragon king fish shooting game was lucky enough to reach the top of the best online prize exchange game rankings today. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Join this game to freely conquer the colorful ocean world. Besides, don’t forget to register for a Hawkplay game account to start the battle safely and receive the most bonus points.

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